From Colleagues

Christa Jiménez's classroom radiates with joyful Spanish conversation. She combines rigor with exciting, culturally relevant curriculua that students love.
Kathleen Frank
Your evident joy and passion for teaching shine, and it's evident that you have authentic relationships with each student. Your exceptional writing skills further underscore your dedication to our profession. I want to take a moment to express my deep admiration for your work and the positive impact you have on our students' lives. Thank you for your continued commitment to excellence.
Tonya Lemmons
Like all the best teachers, Christa has knack for holding students to high standards without being overbearing or inhumane; appreciating them as individual humans with individual needs and experiences and adjusting her approach accordingly.
Griffen Stabler
Christa Jimenez is a well organized and thoughtful teacher that seeks growth in her students while building strong connections. She is an empathetic teacher for heritage and native speakers with a love for the culture and an insight into building confidence in her students ability to see themselves as holders of a gift, something special.
Tomás Wainman
I have appreciated how reflective you are as a teacher–trying new things, reflecting on the curriculum, on your instructional methods, on classroom management, on relationships with kids. You have taken several suggestions and run with them, as well as relying on many successful strategies from your years of experience teaching. Your commitment– to your students, and to your own growth as a professional– is inspiring.
Ruth Poulsen
St. Elizabeth's Lower School Head
In her time at DSST, Christa provided outstanding, research-based instruction in an engaging way. I remember students not only enjoying being in her class, but also being impressed by how much they were learning. Christa also did a great job building strong relationships with students. Students trusted that Christa believed in them and their ability to achieve and this trust led them to see her not only as a teacher, but as a mentor.
Jeff Desserich
DSST Public Schools

From Parents

My daughter has never been so excited about learning a foreign language! She practices at home, plays Spanish music in the car and recently asked me to quiz her when we were on a hike! Christa has been a wonderful addition to the St. E’s teaching community and is evidence that the right teacher in the right subject can make all the difference in student engagement.
Alexis D.
I’ve worked at several schools, and I can say - without hesitation - that Christa Jiménez is a phenomenal teacher. My daughter was new to the school, and feeling very anxious about taking Spanish for the first time. Christa carefully scaffolded the work for my daughter, and now it’s her favorite class!
Amanda B.
Sra. Jimenez has taught two of my children Spanish this year. They have both become passionate about learning the language, listening to music from all over the Spanish speaking world, and developed interests in the food and culture of various countries. I can't say enough about what a major influence she has been in their love of learning and their new ability to access other cultures through language.

From Current And Former Students

The three things that are best about your class are, the song of the week. I think an amazing way to expand vocabulary is through music so this is super helpful and It's nice to be excited and think about what the song is going to be. Second, the different groups. I think it's important to learn at your level and it's helpful when you separate us so we are progressing fast for where we are at. Finally the work we do. It's not too hard and what we are learning is very helpful and useful.
Anthony F.
8th Grade
The three best things about Spanish are the way you treat us and how respectful you are, the way your always talking to us and making us feel welcome, and the creative activities you come up.
Izzy L.
6th Grade
I think my three favorite things you do to helps us are how do the different groups based on your levels, the point sheets are a really good way to keep us in check and focused and all of the full games you let us play makes learning things so fun. (I know you said to do only three things but I also really like the song of the week and the final projects are always really fun).
Lillie D.
7th Grade Student
As my academic advisor (4 years) and teacher, Ms. Jimenez was not only enthusiastic about education (with contagious positivity and school spirit), but was inclusive of all students and attentive on an individual scale. Her care towards me is equally as memorable as her care towards the rest of my peers!
Madeline A.
DSST Class of 2013
Your classroom definitely felt more like a family than a class due to the way the class was structured, so it had a more welcoming and supported feeling to it! I was able to build relationships with other students that I probably wouldn’t have connected with any other time. Plus, I was able to pass the AP Spanish exam through what I learned in your class and thus not have to take any language classes in college!
Esme S.
DSST Class of 2015
I don’t know why I got the feeling to find you and write you. I don’t think there are words to express my gratitude and appreciation for you and your love for sharing your passions. You were the catalyst for all the things that have helped me understand and see the world in a much different light. So thank you. I don’t think I can thank you enough! You were probably just “doing you”, but the ripple effect of all that has happened because of that is something I couldn’t have even imagined.
Eric D.
Recent IG Message, Class of 2008