Educar. Es. Poder.

(Education Is Power)

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Meet Christa

Welcome! I'm Christa Jiménez, and I was born to teach. I'm wholly addicted to the magic that happens when great teachers and their students work together to create unforgettable learning moments. I've had the fortune to experience many of those moments over the last 14 years as I've honed my skills as an standards-based, data-driven instruction teacher. Having worked in very diverse schools, I know what works for lots of types of kids, and I know how to help teachers realize their goals for their students.

Yo Soy Bilingüe...

...orgullosamente bilingüe. I establish strong student relationships that allow students of diverse backgrounds to take the risks they need to become bilingual and biliterate. Language opens doors, creates empathy, and empowers cultural and linguistic identity. My passion for bilingual education- especially for immigrants and Heritage Speakers, has helped me find myriad ways to empower my students to find success inside the classroom and beyond.

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Let's Support Students Together!

  • Acquisition-Based Curriculum Development
  • Co-Teaching/Teacher Mentorship
  • Custom Professional Development
  • Standards Based Assessment Development
  •  Educational Spanish/English Translation
  •  Strategic Planning – ELL/Foreign Language Programs